Eco-Fuels™ Corridors & Biochemical facilities

Natural Chem has a multi-year plan to develop several of its Eco-Fuels™ Corridors in the United States to supply renewable and alternative fuels and chemicals, including biodiesel, diesel blends, USP Ethanol,  and USP Glycerine by developing plants at existing, idle sites in New Mexico, Idaho, Texas, California and Iowa are priority locations.

Value-added natural products

The value-added natural products may include renewable Eco-Fuels™ (biodiesel, fuel blends), natural Eco-Chemicals™ (USP glycerine, USP ethanol) and Nutri-Ferm™ feed supplements that offer superior performance comparable to that achieved by the globally disfavored use of drugs and hormones in animal feed. Natural Chem has developed a proprietary process, using existing technologies, for the production of these and other value-added products from low-value byproducts produced at biofuels and dairy/cheese plants. By doing so, the profitability of these plants is enhanced. A significant reduction in greenhouse gases is achieved with the fuel and chemical products offered by Natural Chem.