USP Natural Glycerine: A Globally Traded Product

USP 99.7% Purity Kosher, Natural Glycerine A Large and Expanding Market

More than 2,000 existing uses in the personal care, food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Glycerine is a major component of hand sanitizer.

New uses of glycerine in the production of propylene glycol, epichlorohydrin and PLA (biodegradable plastics) will double current global demand for refined glycerine within 5 years. Future, Natural Chem may add production of propylene glycol from glycerine at the Clinton Eco Fuels Plant.

A pie chart reflecting glycerine uses.

Excellent Commercial Value-Added Opportunity

The Natural Chem Process provides one of the best paths to bring large quantities of new glycerine into the market that will be necessary to commercialize new applications.

Current Global Production:

About 3 billion PPY from traditional sources such as soap, personal care and biodiesel manufacturers. Glycerine is a byproduct of “oleochemical” processes.