NOTE: This is a default basic booking agreement that must provide structure for a booking contract based on different booking contracts developed by the FMC and provided information, It has no legal status and all legal agreements should be approved by a registered lawyer. (c) this Agreement may be amended in writing only by mutual agreement of the authorized representatives of the Parties. f) In the event that (1) artist/group/DJ is promoted for the event, but does not receive a reward or (2) no proper travel preparation has been made to ensure the booking, the organizer agrees that he is responsible for paying the full amount of the acomptère to the artist/band/DJ, whether the artist/group/DJ is present at the event. This payment must be made by express shipment overnight no later than one (1) week after the event. c) The organizer pays artist/group/DJ 50 percent of the tax as non-refundable deposits in good faith no later than one (1) week after receipt of this contract to ensure booking orders. Payment must take the form of cash in IR£ (by bank transfer), cashier check or payment order to the artist/band/DJ. This Agreement (“Agreement”) is as_________________ also known by mutual agreement by ______Les representatives of ___)) This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties regarding the subject matter of the Contract. ACCORDINGLY, the Parties concluded this Agreement on the above-mentioned date. At least one (1) cassette of episco per record player that may be made available to the artist/band/DJ during the show. b) The organizer immediately pays the sum of all revenues for hosting artists/band/DJ, unless the organizer or artist/group/DJ has made other arrangements or reservations to accommodate artists/bands/DJs. Professional mixer with crossfader. · Two (2) speakers for the sound monitor or one (1) speaker for the monitor that can be moved either to the left and/or right by the turners….