DUAS must be forwarded to OSP through Kuali Research for approval and final approval. OSP has the right to enter into contractual agreements, including DUAs, on behalf of UMBC to ensure compliance with appropriate rules and policies. Researchers do not have the right to negotiate or sign these agreements and cannot sign a DUA on behalf of UMBC. AEDs should not be signed by faculty or university staff if no psO institutional authorization has been granted in this regard. A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is a contractual document between a “data user” (usually the UMBC investigator who orders access to the information) and the “Data Set Source” (the organization or entity providing the data) that describes the provisions related to the transfer of confidential, protected or restricted use. Examples include records from government authorities or companies, information about student data, existing data on human research topics, and limited records. require the recipient to use appropriate security measures to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure that is not provided for in the agreement; On the following page, you will find useful information about the people who deal with different types of DAL and other internal agreements at Stanford: ico.sites.stanford.edu/who-will-handle-my-agreement Ask recipients to ensure that all agents (including subcontractors) to whom the information is disclosed accept the same restrictions as those provided for in the agreement; and it is important that researchers read the terms of a DUA before forwarding the draft contract to the UMBC Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for review. .