The model can be used in one of three ways to create a dual degree program. Colleges and departments can follow a self-sustaining dual-degree program for a single student if the creation of the program has clear benefits without entering into an institutional cooperation agreement. If the foreign university has already entered into a cooperation agreement with the UF, no news is required and the Dual Degree program can be continued in conjunction with the existing contract. Where a pre-cooperation agreement is not in force, it is recommended that the college strive to implement a cooperation agreement, which can enable a large number of initiatives within the unit that promote internationalization, including a new dual-degree programme. The UF does not have general, alternating international programs, but colleges and departments can create a program for a single student if necessary. When a department wishes to create an individual study alternately, a usage model has been approved and cannot be modified or modified without the authorization of the Office of Academic Affairs. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Duncan, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School or Chris Hass, Associate Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs