Parapducians and members of the office staff union organized a rally at the District Board meeting on November 7. “I was not part of the process of negotiating this particular treaty, but the way it was characterized for me was really encouraging. Historically, it was a group of employees who told me that they felt inattentable, that they felt marginalized and that they really didn`t have a fair shake at the negotiating table,” she said. When they negotiated this contract, they felt that the process had gone really well. They felt like they had come to the table in good faith and had good interactions with the district and came to this mutual agreement that everyone had signed and ratified… Now that you haven`t been paid by contract, surprised at how it happened, you`re going back even further from a relational and trust point of view. The borough has complied with its contract on the 2.5 per cent salary increase for office staff and the 4 per cent pay increase for the para-dagogues, but office and para-pedagogues say that the district does not comply with each group`s cola contract. When contacted for notice, Issaquah School District Assistant Superintendent Josh Almy said the district`s position was that she did not think there would be a COLA for 2018-19 in the agreement and that she would follow the claim process described in the contract to deal with the situation. “We have contracts with both, which contain a language that describes the process by which differences of opinion must be resolved. At this stage, the appeal procedure described in the treaties, which was agreed upon, is not yet complete,” wrote ISD. After these contracts, the next step is conciliation. The vote to approve a strike comes after workers filed a complaint against the school district in which parts of their previous agreement with the district are not being respected. “The 1.9 per cent and 3.1 per cent referred to in the complaints are not state and county-allocated COOs, as claimed. These figures were measures determined by the measure of the DPI or the consumer price index for calendar year 2017 and constitute a spending limitation imposed by the Dtat,” says a county press release. In a statement responding to complaints from the unions, ISD said it “disagrees between SEIU and PES.” Emily Freet, assistant principal at Maple Hills Elementary and new chair of the chapter of the Issaquah Association of Educational Office Professionals, said that when she learned that not only did she not receive her COLA, but that the term itself no longer existed, she lost confidence in the district.