Areas of study: Economics , Finance, Economics – Management, Marketing, Logistics, Information Systems in The Business Level of Study: BA, MA Language Skills: English and/or German B1, if a student wishes to take courses in German. Otherwise, English B2. Request a language certificate from HSE (for more information, click here). Spots available for spring 2021: 3 Information Sheet 2020/21 University Calendar: see fact sheet Course offer: see fact sheet Course/department restrictions: bachelor`s students cannot choose a master`s degree. Health insurance: see information sheet Mandatory fees: see Housing fact sheet: see Stock sheet Scholarship: HSE Endowment Areas of Study: Science (computer science, mathematics, physics, geography, geology, chemistry), humanities (languages, literature, linguistics, territorial and cultural sciences, history), social sciences (history, media sciences , communication, political science, social psychology), psychology, education sciences, life sciences and environment, agriculture and forestry. Level: BA, MA Language of Instruction: English Languages: Request to HSE (read more) Places available in spring 2021: 2 First NB: Students on the Moscow campus in law can only apply through the Law School. Information sheet 2020/21 University calendar: see fact sheet Course offer: see fact sheet Restrictions: English courses offered by the language centre are not open to exchange students. Business and Engineering are not taught at the University of Helsinki. Areas of study: humanities and social sciences (including economics and management only) Level of study: BA, MA, PhD Language of instandution: English Knowledge: the list of accepted qualifications in English is mentioned here. Spots available in spring 2021: 2; 2 Erasmus (3 BA, 1 MA) NB: Students on the St. Petersburg campus can only apply through the St. Petersburg campus for more information here.

Information Sheet 2020/21 Course Offer: visit the Course Restrictions/Department website: Students can only apply for health insurance from the Slavonic School and East European Studies: visit the Housing: check the website Scholarship: HSE Endowment, Erasmus Student Impressions There are three types of agreements that allow the International Centre to establish institutions abroad. Education: law, economics, arts and humanities, computer science and mathematics Level: BA, MA, PhD Language: English and German (at least A1-A2) German courses are offered during the orientation weeks prior to the winter semester. Students can also take language courses (German or other languages) in the language centre during the semester. Spots available for spring 2021: 3 Information Sheet 2020/21 University Calendar: see fact sheet Course offer: see fact sheet Course/department restrictions: in general, students are relatively free to choose courses in their subject. In addition, it is possible to take courses in the language centre. During seminars, please note that topics change and applications are delayed before exchange students arrive at the university. As far as seminaries are concerned, it is therefore up to teachers to decide whether they leave additional students in their courses. Health insurance: see Housing fact sheet: see information grant: HSE Endowment Areas of study: psychology, philology, engineering (BA, MA, PhD); Business Management, Humanities (only for MA, PhD) Level: BA , MA, PhD Language of Instandution: English Language Skills: Application for Language Certificate at HSE (read more here) Spots available in spring 2021: Psychology (BA, MA, PhD): 1 Business and Administration (MA, PhD): 1 Humanities (MA, PhD): 1 Philology (BA, MA, PhD): 1 Engineering (BA, MA, PhD): 1 Fact Sheet 2020/21: n/a Academic Calendar: check the website Course Offer: visit the Health Insurance website: visit the website Housing: visit the website: HSE Endowment Scholarship: Right law Political science, management, philosophy, literature, history, geography, communication, foreign languages Study level: BA, MA, PHD Teaching language: English and/or French, here knowledge of languages: IELTS: Overall score 6.5 and no lower score