As is often the case during negotiations, many issues depended on the adoption of a final package. The union was not able to report to members at all stages because the cases ended because they were graduated by an entire agreement. That`s why it seems to be over quickly. Since TAFE teachers and associates last received a salary increase at the end of November 2018, the association worked to conclude negotiations as soon as possible after the expiry date of the CURRENT EA, February 3, 2020. This would have allowed TAFE teachers and related collaborators to complete a voting phase requested by Fair Work and obtain their first salary increase in the first quarter of 2020. All TAFE teachers employed in independent institutes are covered by the MEA 2018, which entered into force on 19 October 2018. Victorian TAFE teachers in autonomous institutes are subject to the Victorian TAFE Teaching Staff Agreement 2018 (MEA 2018). Those who have been employed by TAFE for some time may remember the teacher temporary agreement before moving on to the federal industrial system of fair work. This agreement outlined a process in which part-time teachers, selected for a temporary teaching position and who held that position continuously for two years, were permanently converted. To learn more about company agreements, please see the frequently asked questions or consult the Enterprise Bargaining brochure. (PDF file) Prior to the start of negotiations, the Federation conducted a survey of all TAFE members who are covered by the agreement to determine their priorities for the new EA. This survey revealed by an overwhelming majority that teachers wanted to focus on a 2.5% increase in annual salary without loss of conditions. We have created webinars to help them implement and make statements of agreement.

Click below and searh for TAFE-specific training to access these recordings. “The directors received a salary increase after the conclusion of a new company agreement for the tafe directors.” “TAFE NSW continues to cooperate with the NSW Teachers Federation to meet commitments that can be implemented outside of company negotiations, including the transformation of temporary workers into permanent employment, as well as new consultation agreements between the two organisations. We look forward to sharing more information on these commitments in due course.┬áTo learn more about the new company agreements, click on the following links: While this agreement has sometimes encountered implementation problems, a large number of teachers have benefited from it.