Customers with specific line of credit loans [z.B Smart Capital and Commercial Line loans] can apply to sign up for this service, which allows borrowers to access credit information and perform certain credit transactions. After approval, you can view available credits, current credit balances and credit statements. Reputable borrowers can also plan credit payments from their accounts with us and make credit advances on their accounts with us in accordance with their loan agreement. Business Mobile Banking is made available to you by Cathay Bank and supported by a mobile technology solution from a third-party provider (the “licensee”). Section A of these end-user terms is a legal agreement between you and Cathay Bank. Section B of these final terms of use is a legal agreement between you and the licensee. This payment manager agreement, the fees and service charges incurred may be changed or changed by us from time to time. In that case, we`ll let you know. Any use of the Payment Manager after we provide you with a notice of change is your consent to such changes. In addition, from time to time, we may review or update associated applications, services and/or hardware, making all of these earlier versions obsolete.

Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate this payment manager contract with respect to all previous versions of related applications, services and/or hardware and to restrict access to more recent revisions and updates. Each time you submit an order through the money transfer service or submit an order file through the Wire Upload Service (a “file”), you confirm that our security and verification procedures are commercially appropriate because of the normal size, nature and frequency of your transactions. You agree to be linked to any transfers, statements or payment statements we receive through the Services, even if you do not allow them, if they contain your password or if we process them in any way according to our security procedures. Some of our services allow you, or your administrator, to set trade restrictions and put in place internal controls. If you do not set such restrictions and implement these controls, you increase your exposure and liability to unauthorized transactions. We strongly recommend that you impose a dual-control environment in conjunction with the transfer and confirmation of orders. If you decide not to do so, you agree to be subjected to a higher level of care with respect to your accounts, transactions and bank statements. Your guarantees. You insure and guarantee the following for each cheque you deposit via the service: (a) You have the legal right to deposit and negotiate the cheque, regardless of the recipient`s name displayed on the cheque; (b) they hold control and the person empowered to enforce it; (c) the images and information you provided represent exactly, at the time of transmission, all information on the front and back of the initial control, including (without limitation) all mentions; (d) they have not taken measures that conceal, modify or compromise the collection or transmission of information on the back or back of the cheque, or that could prevent us or any other bank from collecting or processing such information; (e) you give all the guarantees that would otherwise apply to the review if it were a paper item deposited with us (z.B. guarantee that the review has not been changed); (f) all encoding, transmission, presentation and other guarantees that we or a bank of correspondents we have used apply to others (for example. B as a reconverting bank) in accordance with a law, any regulation, an operating circle, a clearing house rule or an agreement on the image exchange network to which we are a party; (g) they are in possession of the original cheque and are not transferred to third parties, confirmed or deposited for down payment or payment; (h) A cheque, either on paper or in electronic form, is not effective