Note that after the introduction of the ESHE, Spanish universities follow the 4-1 system (4 – 4 years of bachelor`s degree studies – 1 year of postgraduate studies) that, in many cases, European students enrolled in master`s programs can take the bachelor`s courses in our 4th year, as they correspond to the first year of other European masters, but they cannot take official master`s courses. This condition does not apply to students who are nominated for a specific master`s degree under the bilateral master`s agreement between the two partner universities. where? THE VU Amsterdam has exchange agreements with more than 250 universities around the world. You could be one of the students who spend a semester at one of our partner universities in Europe, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia or Latin America. There is always a destination that suits you and every destination is a unique experience. Take a look at VU Worldmap Choose your (future) studies and discover your options. Please note: It is the faculty to which you are admitted that signs the contract. The University of Oslo also accepts online learning agreements. Please save the correct email address for the faculty contact point in the agreement, see below for information. .

If you don`t know where to go, please contact your faculty information centre. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Languages, , / Student Mobilities Number by project period Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun` Y no te olvides to enter nuestro grupo de whatsapp para quedar antes del concierto: subjects of each grade level can be selected. Postgraduate courses are not eligible. . Erasmus, geology, political science, business management, physics, mathematics, Erasmus must fulfil the apprenticeship agreement (LA). Conclude your apprenticeship agreement with the selected courses and make sure you have at least 18 credits per semester and 50% of the subjects for which you have been nominated. Changes to the courses chosen in the apprenticeship contract are possible at any time after arrival in Valencia and after prior consultation with the coordinator (“Changes to the initial apprenticeship agreement”). This student in exchange for SU has just returned from Beijing: this day is celebrated by each group with a special concert and a party.🎵🎶🎵 The apprenticeship contract for internships must be signed by the student reception service.

Faculty of Mathematics and Science: Important: the scholarship could not be paid, unless the student carefully follows these instructions and files the documents at each stage. Students with a six-month stay may not take annual courses. “It`s an incredible experience to live six months in another culture and learn about food, habits and traditions.