Web hosting usually comes with a help desk, but support can also be provided as a separate service. Web support and maintenance services are as diverse as hosting services. Support service providers range from small businesses serving a small business clientele to large providers of remote support for consumer and SME markets, to specialized consulting firms that support the customized systems of large institutions. This website hosting agreement is written for use by web hosting service providers. The terms of this document govern the provision of web hosting services to customers. Another optional schedule includes an acceptable use policy that sets out detailed rules for what content can be processed using hosting services and how hosting services can be used. Services: Standard Agreements: In standard hosting contracts, services consist of hosting one or more specified websites or web applications as well as ancillary services. Various optional sections are included in the templates: I searched up and down for a maintenance contract template, both online and on paper, and it was one of the few I could find. Details are the key to a document like this. The host must know exactly what he is contractually obliged to do to provide the customer as part of his hosting service and under what conditions. Service levels also play an important role. A separate hosting specification and details on applicable hosting service levels should therefore be agreed between host and customer and included in the deployment schedule.

Services: the basic obligation of such contracts where the service provider can provide, for specified periods, a support service enabling the customer to provide maintenance and technical assistance services with regard to location or assisted application. The service provider must (or make reasonable efforts) to respond to the request within a specified period of time. In accordance with the Customer Liability Clause contained in this template, Customer agrees to grant the Service Provider access to the Supported Website or Application and to provide the Service Provider with “all other cooperation, information and documents” reasonably necessary. The customer may also be held responsible for mediating cooperation of third parties in connection with the provision of the services (e.g. B the cooperation of a third-party hosting company). Although we have grouped our web hosting and web maintenance contracts into this category, there are as many differences as there are similarities between these types of contracts. Below is information about some of the most important sections of web hosting agreements. There are many legal issues common to all web hosting agreements. For example, all hosting companies must protect themselves from the misuse of hosting facilities by customers.

Nevertheless, different types of accommodation – and different packages of ancillary services – require different conditions. There is no universal hosting agreement. PandaTip: This part of the template provides you with a place where you can list all the direct costs related to the web hosting contract.. .