for each other pensioner, the specific percentage is calculated according to the ratio of pension rights acquired under the status of EU civil servants and, in particular, to Schedule VIII on 31 December 2020, including pension rights transferred on that date, and pension rights acquired on the date of retirement or death , if, or on that date, to whom the person leaves the system; The government has said it will continue to reach an agreement on the protection of asylum minors after Brexit. UK participation in the EIB Group after the withdrawal date The uk seat agreement with the European Banking Authority on 8 May 2012 the exchange of letters on the application of the European Communities` Privileges and Immunities Protocol to the European Medicines Assessment Agency of 24 June 1996 in the United Kingdom, and the agreement on the admission of the Galileo Security Observatory of 17 July 2013 applies to the European Banking Authority , the European Medicines Agency and the Galileo Security Observatory until they are transferred to a Member State. The date of notification of the closing date of the relocation by the Union is the date of termination of these reception agreements. Recalling that this agreement is based on an overall balance of the benefits, rights and obligations of the EU and the United Kingdom, the British Government`s White Paper on the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union (July 2018) states that the UK is “obliged to become a member of the European Convention on Human Rights”. The revised EU-Uk political declaration (17 October 2019) reflected this and formed the basis for future cooperation. In particular, it stated that “future relations should include the UK`s ongoing commitment to the framework of the European Convention on Human Rights.” This was stated in the EU negotiating directives (25 February 2020), which state that “the proposed partnership should provide for the automatic end of law enforcement cooperation and judicial cooperation in criminal matters if the UK were to denounce the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).