Natural Chem EcoFuels Corridors 2015-2024
Southwest Eco-Fuels™ (Texas, New Mexico)
Pacific Northwest Eco-Fuels™ (Idaho plant)
Gulf Coast Eco-Fuels™ (Houston area plant)
Midwest Eco-Fuels™ (Iowa)

The Eco-FuelsTM Corridors (Regional) Concept

Natural Chem proposes to develop several of its Eco-FuelsTM clean fuels corridors in the United States. These corridors combine renewable biodiesel  and ethanol. Biodiesel blends such as B10 -B20 will be offered.

The first Eco-FuelsTM corridor to be developed will be the “Southwest Eco-FuelsTM Corridor” based in Texas and New Mexico. The second corridor will be the “Midwest Eco-FuelsTM” based in Iowa. These corridors will serve as a blueprint for development of additional corridors across the United States.

Each Eco-FuelsTM corridor will serve a defined region of trucking and bus fleets and industrial firms that are large users of diesel fuel with the goal of transitioning them to use of cleaner burning biodiesel. The market for ethanol is to refiners and large blenders of gasoline.