Natural Chem’s management is a team of industry veterans that has experience developing, operating and managing industrial plants, including biofuels plants, refineries and specialty chemical plants. They have developed innovative concepts to improve operations and profitability of biofuels plants.

Bob Sr management

Robert J. Salazar, Esq. CEO|President

Stanford Law School, J.D.

Colorado College, B.A.

Mr. Salazar is Natural Chem’s founder and CEO|President. He is a 1976 graduate of Stanford Law School, Juris Doctor degree, and a 1973 honors graduate of Colorado College with a B.A., Political Science (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.) He has over 40 years experience in the business, technical, legal and regulatory aspects of the ethanol, biodiesel, biogas, chemical and feed industries. Prior to founding Natural Chem, Mr. Salazar was a practicing attorney in Denver with an emphasis on renewable fuels and economic development. He also was a founder, Board Member and General Counsel (pro bono) of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and represented many community based organizations promoting economic development.

Carter B Conlin

Carter B. Conlin, P.E. – in Memoriam
Executive Vice President|Technology & Plant Operations
University of Southern California, B.E., MS.Ch.E.

Mr. Conlin, a retired Naval captain, was employed by Texaco for more than 34 years. While with Texaco, among his various duties, he supervised the production and maintenance operations at a refinery having more than 1,000 employees. Mr. Conlin has more than 47 years experience in

Jerry Roberts

Jerry L. Roberts

Senior Consultant|Supply Chain
University of Kansas
Mr. Roberts provides Natural Chem with more than 30 years experience in the feed & grain industries. He attended the University of Kansas and is a former president of the Board of Trade in Salina, Kansas. He serves as President of Natural Chem’s work in the Pacific Northwest region and directs the firm’s overall supply chain activities.

James Naeger

James E. Naeger, P.E.

Sr. Consultant|Engineering & Construction

University of Missouri, B.S.

A former staff member of Stone & Webster and Texaco, Mr. Naeger provides Natural Chem with expertise in the development of major industrial plants. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Carlos Castro

Carlos R. Castro, Esq.

Senior V.P.|General Counsel
Stanford Law School, J.D.

Yale University, B.A.

Mr. Castro provides expertise in legal, regulatory and business matters. He is a 1978 graduate of Stanford Law School, Juris Doctor degree, and holds a B.A. in Political Science, 1975, from Yale University. He has represented community organizations focused on economic development.

Ken Cahall

Kenneth Cahall – in Memoriam

Senior V.P.

Oleochemical Operations

Mr. Cahall has more than 30 years glycerine production experience through his tenure with Procter & Gamble. He is one of the world’s leading glycerine refining experts. P&G is the largest producer of natural glycerine in the US. He also has expertise in methyl esters (biodiesel) production.

Fred L Chitty

Fred L. Chitty

National Manager


Mr. Chitty has more than 30 year’s experience in maintenance and construction in the petrochemical industry. His career was spent at Celanese Chemicals Clear Lake Plant and with Old World Industries Clear Lake Plant in maintenance supervision/management.

Frank E Bustamante

Frank E. Bustamante

Sr. Vice President|Project Dev.

University of Colorado, B.A.

Mr. Bustamante has worked in the chemical, refining and power industries with Dow Chemical, Tosco (oil shale), AMAX (oil extraction) and Public Service Co. (Colo.). He has laboratory and analytical expertise as well as extensive experience with project development and management.

Robert J. Salazar, Jr.

Vice President|Administration

Colorado College, B.A.

University of Denver Law School

(Attended 2 Years of J.D. Program)

Mr. Salazar Jr. provides the Company with expertise in the management and administration of its business affairs having worked in the food distribution, and manufacturing industry for several years. Mr. Salazar holds a B.A., Political Science, from Colorado College and attended St. Edwards University and the University of Denver College of Law.

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